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Richmond Mobile Mechanic Pre-Purchase Inspections

Richmond Mobile Mechanic

What all is involved when I get pre-purchase inspections when I shop for a new vehicle with you? First, you get all the insider information I’m able to gather before coming out to assist with your search. While I’m with you I do an inspection of every vehicle before we do test drives in them together. That data gives me a more detailed picture of each vehicle, so I know what we’re working with. Then we go on the test drives of any vehicles that you are deciding between. After that’s done, I have a complete picture of each vehicle.

Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspection Richmond

Using all the information I’ve gathered I paint the completed picture for you in your mind. Which gives you a huge advantage over everyone that went and looked at vehicles alone. Based on that picture drawn in your mind you can choose your ideal vehicle. Thus, having me come with you and provide this data equals you choosing a better vehicle to drive. I put all the odds in your favor and stack the deck so that you’re dealt pocket aces. You’ll get the vehicle that’s right for you. And I’ll get to satisfy another customer which means the world to me.

Hey, thanks for your interest in getting your new or used vehicle inspected, I'm contracting now with Lemon Squad and you can schedule an appointment through their website. We do all kinds of makes and models of cars including motorcycles and commercial vehicles as well. It's well worth it to know if the price of your car is worth it and what the possibility of repairs down the road might be in store. It's kinda like a genie in the bottle! All done on-site, with or without you being present, and includes a test drive.

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The ones who do auto/auto repair services using the traditional method are stuck where they are

Richmond Mobile MechanicStationary is the only way to describe those working out of physical locations in town. They can’t leave their location to assist you so they can’t do the inspections on vehicles for you. They may still be able to give you some data on the vehicles you’re looking at. But it won’t as much as information as I give you. That means that you would only have a partial picture and wouldn’t have enough to choose the right vehicle. You need the entire picture presented to you to be certain that the right choice of vehicle is made.

But what about after I buy the vehicle, can’t they do inspections at that point? Yes, they can do inspections in at their business after your purchase. And yes, the inspections they do would be good ones. But proceeding this way would bring forth the possibility of a few drawbacks for you. Among them being if there are problems found with the vehicle the chances of return are slim. The chances that the seller pays for those repairs to be done likely aren’t very high either. It’s just wise to get the full picture before buying so you don’t have to deal with these issues.

Richmond’s best mobile mechanic is free to travel for pre-purchase inspections or any other auto/auto repair services you need

Get the full picture, let me come out there with you to help you buy the right vehicle. I’ll take the time necessary to talk you through everything so you’re comfortable with your choice. Picking out a new vehicle doesn’t have to be hard, with me it can be easy as pie. So, get the advantages you deserve, call me out to help!